2017-P Lincoln Cent – The new kid on the block

Have you checked your change lately? If not, there is a reason to do so. There is a brand new, one year type coin that you can now find in your pocket change! It’s the 2017-P Lincoln Cent. So who cares, right? Every year the newly dated Lincoln Cent comes out and no ones pays too much attention unless their is a design change. This year is different, however, as there has been a slight, but historical change to the coin.

2017 marks the first year ever that the U.S. Mint has added a “P” mintmark to a United States one-cent coin.  As you may know, the Philadelphia used to not use mintmarks on their coins like the Denver and San Francisco Mints.  The first Philadelphia minted coin to bear a “P” mintmark was the 1942-P Silver War Nickel.  They continued using it with the silver War Nickels up until 1945, and then it was once again removed from the coin starting in 1946.  Three decades later, in 1979, the “P” mintmark appeared on the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and has appeared on every coin ever since with the exception of the U.S. One-Cent.

Finally, in 2017, for one year only, the Mint has added the “P” mintmark to the 2017-P Lincoln Cents.  Since they are scheduling the 2018 Lincoln Cent to bear no mintmark, this coin becomes an important one year type coin that you can find in change.  Of course, if you live on the west coast area, you may not find this in your pocket change until it gets circulating enough to find it’s way there.  As people tend to buy rolls of hot, new coins like this, the aftermarket is starting to get flooded with people selling individual and rolls of the coins.  Already, certified examples are up for sale as well!

It’s always nice when the mint makes any kind of change to a coin.  It sparks interest, and always will bring in new collectors.  This year is especially interesting, since it is a historical, one year change that will makes this particular year a very collectible coin!

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  1. The article didn’t mention that teh reason to add the P mint mark was to mark the 225th anniversary of the establishment of the mint. Mint employees petitioned for this and it will be for 1 year only.

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