A few tips to make coin collecting fun for you

Coin collecting is an interesting and fun hobby that dates back hundreds of years. In fact, there are indications that coin collecting dates back to the Roman times around 2,000 years ago! Those that are concerned that coin collecting is dying hobby need not worry. As long as there have been coins, there have been coin collectors. If coins ever cease production some day, it will most likely only make them more valuable and bring more collectors into the hobby as obsolete items often get more interest.

Coin collecting should be fun, period. Just like any other hobby, it should be one that adds enjoyment to your life. Unfortunately, there are a couple reasons that coin collectors sometimes can get frustrated with coin collecting and decide to give it up.  Here are just a couple tips to keep coin collecting fun for you.

One of the problems that coin collectors face is getting ripped off when buying coins. There is no definitive science to coin grading, and for that reason, almost everyone that collects coins has bought an overgraded coin, or a coin with hidden problems in the past.  Often collectors buy overgraded or coins problems that are not mentioned, only to sell them for much less than they bought them for.  Clearly, this can be a very frustrating issue that leads to many collectors quitting the hobby.  The top third party grading services (TPG) like NGC and PCGS have helped solve this problem by certifying coins for authenticity and assigning an unbiased grade to each coin.  If you are newer to coin collecting, it is highly recommended to buy certified coins, or at least coins from reputable dealers. You can ask the more experienced collectors for recommendations on dealers, as they have most likely dealt with many over the years

Another problem is collectors not collecting the right type of coins.  Many collectors buy coins just because they are a good deal.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if the coin is not interesting to you, you probably will eventually lose interest in it.  Everyone is different in this regard.  Some love the big silver coins such as Morgan and Peace Dollars, while others love the early copper coins like Large Cents.  Some collect beautiful rainbow toned coins, and others want absolutely no toning on their coins.  There is no wrong or right with what coins to collect, only a personal preference.  Luckily, there are many, many different coin types to collect, and it’s just a matter of finding what you like.  Browse through coin photo galleries, and see what captures your interest.  Go to coin shows just to look sometimes, and see what keeps catching your eye.  Check out all the different types of coins and see what interests you.  Just like we are all attracted to different people, we are also drawn to different coins.

Lastly, sometimes we are perfectionists as coin collectors.  If a coin has a little spot, a nick or some little flaw, it’s easy to only look at that part of a coin when you view your collection.  All coins are unique and many have little flaws.  Unless you strictly collect BU coins, then the coins have been circulating and exchanged from person to person and place to place.  Naturally, they are not going to be perfect.  Instead of looking at the negative of a coin, take a different perspective.  Instead of concentrating on the negative aspect of a scratch on that Morgan Dollar, for example, consider it a battle scar.  That scratch may of been done by someone 100 years ago that is no longer alive!  Who knows what the story is behind it.  How about that rim bump on your Washington Quarter that bothers you.  Wonder how that occurred?  Did someone really drop it that hard to cause that bump on the rim?  Try dropping a quarter from your change on the concrete.  Most likely it will not get a rim nick.  So that means it probably was banged against something pretty hard.  Wonder how that happened?

My point is that lots of collectors get frustrated at the little things in coins.  Just enjoy them!  Remember, this is a hobby and coin collecting is supposed to add enjoyment to your life.  Stop sweating the little things about your coins and just appreciate what a neat pieces of history you have in your hands!

These are just a few aspects of making coin collecting fun for you.  If you have some tips to help with the enjoyment of coin collecting, things that bother you about coins or coin collecting, or anything on the subject, feel free to comment below!

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  1. That’s super interesting that coin collecting goes back as far as 2000 years ago to the Roman times. I can imagine that collecting coins can be a slow process at times, but is super rewarding when you find a coin that you’ve been searching for. I’ll have to remember these things you’ve shared as I try to help my kids develop the habit of collecting coins starting at a young age.

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