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Coin sales brisk despite some market softness

After surveying a number of coin companies ranging from small to large, it seems coins sales are still very solid for the most part. Of the ...Read More

Let’s hear your coin stories!

As coin collecting is a specialist hobby, there may not be too many people you know that share the same love like you do for numismatics suc...Read More

How to grade Morgan Dollars for beginners

Morgan Dollars are one of the most popular collector coins ever produced. With a total mintage of 86,730,000 pieces across the board, there ...Read More

How to find out what your coins are worth

Coin pricing is somewhat of an art, and not a true science.  Unlike conventional commodities like gold and silver where you have a somewhat ...Read More

The Three-Legged Buffalo and how to Authenticate

If you collect Buffalo Nickels, then you are aware of the 1937 D three-legged variety.  It is one of the most sought after coins in the seri...Read More

Lincoln Cents continue to cost more to produce than they are worth

Did you know that it now costs more than a cent to produce the Lincoln Cent?  In fact, it’s been over 10 years that the price for manu...Read More

5 Reasons Why Gold Sales Have Spiked

Gold has historically been a hedge against economic volatility and crisis during times of financial turmoil. For centuries, investors and co...Read More

Why are 1899-P Morgan Dollars so cheap?

As collectors learn over time while trying to fill holes in their collection, some coins are tougher to find than the mintage or price indic...Read More

Will gold and silver make a run in 2017?

Ever since silver hit about $50.00 an ounce back in April of 2011, people keep wondering when the next gold and silver surge will happen.  T...Read More

A few tips to make coin collecting fun for you

Coin collecting is an interesting and fun hobby that dates back hundreds of years. In fact, there are indications that coin collecting dates...Read More

Is the coin weakly struck or does it have wear?

For beginning coin collectors, grading a coin can be a very difficult task. There are so many different coins and so many different grades. ...Read More

Trump’s Trade Policies Could Cause Surge in Gold Buying

2017 was supposed to be the year of the strong dollar. Even with Donald Trump’s upset victory, business leaders and investors largely expect...Read More

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