Coin sales brisk despite some market softness

After surveying a number of coin companies ranging from small to large, it seems coins sales are still very solid for the most part. Of the companies surveyed, the majority surprisingly said that they were selling more than average as far as quantity for the first quarter of the year. The overall gross sales were down slightly on average, as some of the higher priced coins are a bit tougher to sell in today’s market. Only a couple of the companies said that their sales were down.

Though many say that the coin market is a bit soft right now in certain areas, it seems coins are selling well. The main difference is the coins have to be priced at the right level for today’s coin market. Currently it is tough to sell a coin with a high premium above list price. Though exception do apply to this rule, such as superior eye appealing coins, rainbow coins and CAC certified coins. Almost always demanding a premium are very tough to find coins that are popular, such as quality certified Large Cents, Bust, Barber and Seated coinage as well as many tough type coins in VF to AU grades.

There are some coins that are going below the published prices, such as mid date Large Cents that took a steep price hike on the Greysheet, but are not usually selling at the published prices. Quite the reverse are the early Large Cents and higher grade Large Cents with premium surfaces, most notably NGC and PCGS certified examples. Large Cents are much tougher than a lot of coins to get certified in a problem free holder, as copper tends to corrode much easier than silver. This makes problem free certified examples highly sought after.

Silver Eagles are also selling quite well right now. With today’s low silver prices and only a few dollars premium on many BU specimens, they seem to be a great buy. Also, many predict silver prices will rise this year, adding to the appeal of a one ounce Silver Eagle. MS70 and PR70 Silver Eagles are also selling very well, despite having a large premium over a standard Silver Eagle.

Some of the most popular coins selling right now are average grade, mid priced collector coins in the $25 to $500 range. Coins priced over $1,000 are selling a bit slower right now, while very expensive coins $5,000 and up are sometimes being discounted, depending on the type of coin of course.

It seems to be a good time to buy silver, gold and coins. With the lower prices that are currently being offered, it may be a time that you tell yourself that you wished you would of purchased at the current prices. There is lots of room for growth in coins and precious metals, and it seems a lot of room to fall for the stock market right now.

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