Site Questions

What can I do at

There are lots of fun things to do here!  Our main feature is our Community Activity Stream.  This is where you can make short posts about coins with optional pictures, comment on other posts and “Like” posts.  This is a fun area that is ever changing!

We also have Coin Forums, where you can discuss various coin related topics.  This is different from the activity stream, as all forum posts will be visible forever.  The activity stream is more for trending, current posts, where the coin forums are nice for research, looking up posts and replying to posts.

Our Coin Gallery is a showcase for your coins.  You can browse through endless coin photos, upload your own, comment and rate them with our 10-star rating system.  The highest rated photos appear in a special showcase under our “Top Rated Photos”.

The Articles section is always being updated with current coin articles and news.  We write our own articles daily, and you can also submit articles to be published here.

While these are the main features of the website, we have other fun and educational things to do such as our voting polls, bullion prices and more.  We are always up for new ideas, so if you have suggestions for our site, just contact us and we will most definetely consider it!

Be sure to spread the word about to all your coin buddies to help grow our community!

How do I get help with MyCoinClub?

If you have any problems with this website, we are here to help.  Just click on “Contact Us’, which is located in the menu under “Features -> Contact us”.  You can also CLICK HERE to contact us directly.  We will be happy to help you, and will usually get back with you within a few hours.

How do I register?

Registrations is super easy, fast and 100% free!  In fact, everything is free at MyCoinClub!  To register on your mobile device, just click the small menu icon (looks like three small horizontal lines) located in the top right side of the screen in the red header area.  This will bring down the menu.  You can then tap “Register”, which is the last option.  On your desktop, simply click the “Register” button located at the top right hand side of the screen in the red menu.

For one-click registration, just click on the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram buttons and you will be automatically registered.  If you wish to manually register, just fill out the fields, select a username and password and voila!  You are all registered and ready to login and talk coins with our members!

Is membership free?

Yes, it is 100% free and ALWAYS will be!  We are a fun, free coin community.  Be sure to tell your friends about us to help grow our coin community!

How do I post a photo in the community feed?

Adding photos to the community feed is very easy.  You MUST be already logged in, or your options to post will not appear.  So once you are logged in, just tap or click on the box that says “What’s new, Jeff” (Or whatever your name happens to be!)  You will see a little icon in the lower left corner of the box.  Click or tap that box, select your photos, type what you want to say in the box, and click “Post Update”.  Wait a few seconds for your photos to upload, and then BOOM!  You will see your photos in the activity stream!

How do I submit a Youtube video in the community feed?

Submitting a Youtube video in our community activity stream is SO easy!  Be sure you are signed in, and then go to our community feed.  This is on the front page of the website, or you can CLICK HERE to go to the full community feed. Just copythe Youtube video link url (ie: and paste it in the activity box (Where it says, What’s new [Yourname]?)  Then add any description you would like, and click on “Post Update”, and BAM!  Your youtube video will be embeded in your post!

How do I upload photos to the Gallery?

You must be logged in to upload photos to the Gallery.  So be sure you are logged in.  Then click on “Gallery” from the top menu.  You will see all the various photo galleries such as Nickels, Dimes, Quarters and Dollars.  At the bottom left of each gallery, just click on the little “Upload Photo” link.  Then click on “Select Photos/Camera” to take a picture with your camera, or choose pictures from your computer or phone.  You can select multiple photos, however all will be given the same title and description unless you do them individually.  Once you have selected your photo(s), type in a Photo Name (ie: 1932 Washington Quarter), enter a photo description, and click on “Upload Photos”.  Wait a few seconds and you will see a little confirmation that your photos have been uploaded.  Then you can go browse the galleries and see your photos!  Be sure to view the other photos, rate them and leave comments if you so desire!

How do I submit an article?

If you have written a numismatic related article (coins, currency or precious metals), we want to publish it! Our only rule is that it must be original content (not copy/pasted from another website).

A few ideas for articles include coin news or rumors, your coin collecting stories, your favorite coins, informational articles such as the history of coins, spotting double dies, etc. Basically, anything that is interesting to people that love coins!

If your article is approved, it will be published on our website usually within 24 hours. You will also receive 5,000 community points for every approved article!

To submit an article, go to “Articles” on the main menu, then select “Submit Article”, which is right below.  You can also simply CLICK HERE to submit it directly.  Just fill out the information and be sure to include a photo, which will be displayed at the top of the article.  Once submitted, your article will be published usually within 24 hours if approved!  Feel free to submit as many articles as you like!

How do I make friends with other members?

We are a coin community, and what is a community without coin buddies?  The easiest way to “Friend” another member is to click on our members directory.  This is located in the main menu, under “Community -> Members”.  You can also CLICK HERE to view all of our members.  Just click “Add Friend” next to the member that you would like to be friends with.  Once they accept your friend request, more options become available between the two of you, including private messaging!