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    Bruce Boyce

    A long time ago at a coin show I was going through a dealers coins trying to find a couple to buy. He had a bunch of Lincoln Cents I was going through. One of them was a 1909-S. I always look at coins that I am buying with a magnifier, and I spotted what appeared to be a VDB on the back of the coin. Except it was very, very faint. I almost thought I was imagining it, because it wasn’t fully visible. If I remember right, you could see the bottom part of the ‘VDB” and the top was super weak. Anyway, I decided to buy the coin. I think it was a VG or Fine, some lower grade coin. I showed it to a couple of dealers. One said it was a 1909-S VDB, and the other said it was not. I decided to send it in to get certified (which is the only coin I have ever sent in to get certified in my life). I sent it to PCI at the time because it was cheap. It ended up coming back as a 1909-S VDB “Weak VDB”. I was so so so happy when it came back! Later I ended up selling it because I needed money, but I made a few hundred dollars on it!

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    David Salyer

    Awesome Bruce! Way to Cherry-pick!

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    Bruce Boyce

    Thanks David! That will probably be the best investment coin I will ever buy in my life lol!

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    Garry naples

    Good job!

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    Rick Fredericksen

    Great Job Bruce. How long did you have to wait to get it back? which also probably had you on pins and needles. It probably sucked parting ways with that gem.

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