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    Bruce Boyce

    It is so frustrating to me that every time gold and silver start to go up, it just goes back down!! It gets me all excited since I have some gold and silver put away and then my dreams of actually finally breaking even on the stuff are ruined by one or two down days. Does anyone know the factors to look for to know when gold and silver are going to go up and down? I have been wanting to start investing in silver in particular, but just want to find the right time to buy.

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    David Salyer

    It goes down so we can buy more at a nice price! Upswings and downturns do not bother me much in the short term. When silver and gold go down I buy and when they go up I hold off. I cost average my purchases to stay sane!

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    Ron Baker

    Well the feds raised the interest rates and gold and silver got a little surge at least! 🙂

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