It’s a great time to collect coins!

Coin prices fluctuate, just like the commodities such as gold and silver and the stock market.  Not too long ago, gold was around $1,900 per ounce, and silver nearly hit $50.00 an ounce.  Currently, the dow jones is over 20,000!  While you never know where the market will end up, you can look at historical charts to get an idea if the markets are at low points or high points.

Over the last few years, many coin prices have come down in value.  A lot of the price drops have been attributed to the lower price of precious metals such as gold and silver.  Even though the precious metals do not directly affect the prices of coins, they tend to spur the coin market one way or another.  When silver and gold are hot, the coin market many times will heat up as well.  When gold and silver are dwindling in a bear market, coins often times follow suit.

As many of the better date coins have decreased in value over the last few years, and gold and silver are at very low points, many experts believe this is a perfect time to buy coins.  Coin prices are very attractive when compared to previous years, and gold and silver have a lot of upside potential.  Combine this with the unease of the Trump Administration, and you have a very good possibility of seeing the coin market start to turn around.

Already, prices of some of the more vintage coins such as Large Cents, Seated Quarters and Seated Dimes have started to go up in value.  While other prices are still on the downside, this shows there is definitely some life in the coin market.  It’s only a matter of time when it gets hot again, and when it does prices will rise!

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Gold and silver making a surge?