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As coin collecting is a specialist hobby, there may not be too many people you know that share the same love like you do for numismatics such as coins, currency and precious medals.  Truth be told, none of my friends are into coins.  Sure, if they find out I collect coins, I almost always get “Oh I have some old coins you should take a look at!”.  Usually it ends up being a few wheat cents, maybe some Ike or Anthony Dollars, or a few bullion silver coins.  While they think they are somewhat interesting because they don’t see them in circulation, they aren’t “into” coins.

We developed this website to bring this unique group of people together to share their passion for the hobby they love.  If you are reading this, most likely you have a place in your heart for coins.  While there are many coin related websites that have coin news, message forums and maybe a lot of other features, we wanted to make this coin website mainly run by our members.

If you are like me, you love to look at your own coins frequently, look at other people’s coins, and admire coins you will never be able to own or afford.  You probably also enjoy reading articles to gain more more knowledge about coins as well as hearing interesting stories about coins.  At MyCoinClub, we are trying our best to encompass everything that coin collectors want in a coin website!  Our main section of our website is for showing your coins, liking other people’s coins and making conversation about them.

One feature that we would love our members to join in frequently is submitting coin related articles.  Many people are hesitant to write a coin article, as they have a fear of it not being interesting or they don’t know what to write about.  Trust me, most coin collectors love to read other coin collector’s stories.  The article could be about what first got you into coin collecting, your favorite coin, a coin you found on the street or the time you felt you were got ripped off by a dealer.  Maybe you love rainbow toned coins or error coins and want to simply write a general article about them.  Perhaps you have a vast knowledge in a certain area and want to share it.  Maybe you just want to talk about a coin you recently bought in more detail than a regular post.  Basically, anything numismatic related can make an interesting article for many of us.

Why not give it a try and submit an article?  It can be a very short article, a long involved article or anything inbetween.  Not only will you have a published article on our website with your name as the author, you will also receive 5,000 community points for each published article.  Best of all, you will provide entertainment, education or both to other coin lovers like yourself.  So go ahead, hit the button below and start writing for us.  You may find it addicting and become one of our regular authors!


P.S. – If you don’t decide to write an article at this time, let us know in the comments below what kind of numismatic articles you enjoy reading most.  Feel free to leave any constructive criticism, suggestions or comments for our website as well!

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  1. Profile photo of Redwin117

    My True Coin Story are posted in my Photo Gallery. Thank u, also on eBay item number 120839062433 , on my photobucket too on my handle edwinrd117

  2. Profile photo of Amy Johnson

    I have never written an article nor would I think anyone would want to hear about my coin stories but maybe I will make one up one of these days!


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