Silver Eagles gaining popularity

One of them more popular collectible coins right now are the U.S. Silver Eagles. They were first minted in 1986, and having been going strong ever since, and now are in their 32nd year of production. Much like the silver Maple Leaf is Canada’s premier bullion coin, the Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of America and is very popular!

It’s no wonder it’s a popular collector and investor coin. Just take a look at her – she’s beautiful! The Silver Eagle is derived from the same design as the Walking Liberty Half, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Not only that, but each Silver Eagle has one full ounce of .999 fine silver. This means it will always have at least the value of the current spot silver price.  That makes it that much more exciting to own, as the price is ever changing.  Unlike many coins where the values change over months and months, a Silver Eagle price can literally change every couple minutes!

Though the design has remained pretty much unchanged since it’s induction over 30 years ago, the mint has made different variations of it, adding to the collectability.  There are the standard business strike versions, which are the most common.  These are the “MS” or mint-state varieties, also called BU.  Then you have the proof issues on most years, which are double struck with a highly reflective finish.  Some years they made them “Burnished”, which gives it a satin-like finish.  There are also the reverse proofs, where the fields are matte and the devices are reflective, the exact opposite of a normal proof Silver Eagle.

With all the variations, dates and the fact that it is a drop dead gorgeous one ounce piece of silver, the popularity of the Silver Eagles continues to rise.  At today’s low silver prices, they are even more popular since they are so much more affordable!

Do you collect Silver Eagles?  If so, do you collect them by date, just have a few, or hoard them?  Let us know about your Silver Eagles in the comments below!

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  1. I really like silver eagles but I think buying a first strike coin is a scam. The US Mint site seems to agree. They do not keep track when they are sent to dealers of when the coin was actually struck, only when the coins shipped. Yet the grading companies don’t have any issues marking the slabs as early or first strikes. Sure I got #093 out of 720 limited edition, Yea right.

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